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Second Half

Grace leads things off with an early turnover, but forces one right back. No harm done.

18:45 Rohe called for another foul in the post on Duke. No points though as Peattie misses a 3 from the right wing.

18:20 Sitzmann now with 10 points. 36-25 Chargers.

18:00 Foul on Sitzmann.

17:53 Foul on Collison. His 2nd.

17:40. Sitzmann again in transition.

17:23 Duke for 2. Have to get him the ball more.

17:04 Elliot called for the foul. Wanted the travel. So did I. Shipley to the line, makes both. 40-28 Chargers. Karl checks in.

16:48 HUGE tip-in by Karl. 40-30.

16:20 Greg whistled for the foul. T.O. Lancers. Dayton checks in for Greg.

16:00 Pretty bank shot by Karl

15:50 Step-back 3 by Shipley misses everything.

15:39 Duke. And 1. Free throw is good, cuts the lead to 6.

15:27 Timeout Chargers. Momentum starting to shift.

14:47 ELLIOT FOR 3! 41-38.

13:37 Duke shoved to the floor. No call. Gotta keep the games moving I guess.

13:15 Karl steal leads to a Bruce Grimm layup in transition. Bench is fired up. Fans are fired up. Pretty sure my computer is even fired up. Lancers trail by 1.

13:09 Timeout Chargers.

12:40 Pretty pass to Enger for a layup.

12:18 Duke is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ from 15 feet. 43-42.

11:52 Collison for 2.

11:27 Karl with another huge floater in the lane. 45-44

11:02 Otting cleans up for 2 after Duke and Rohe hit the floor hard.

9:50 Lancers with a few huge hustle plays/offensive boards to keep the possession alive. Greg finally gets one to go and draws the foul. Free throw is good. Tie game. 47-47. Noisy in here.

9:30 Shipley draws foul. Makes 2-2. Duke back in for Dennis.

9:00 Karl called for goaltending trying to block Rohe’s shot in transition. Full timeout called by Coach K. 51-47 Chargers.

8:32 Karl Columbus 15 footer cuts it back to 2.

7:00 Rohe drives in for 2.

6:40 Briar Cliff dives on the floor for the rebound, forced to call T.O. 53-49 Chargers.

6:22 Engler for 2

5:40 Karl from Duke. 55-51

4:42 Offensive putback by Greg Miller. 55-53.

3:50 Sitzmann for 2 off the inbounds pass.

3:05 Sitzmann again for 2. Lancers call timout. 59-53 Chargers with 3 minutes to go.

1:55 Elliot for 3. 59-56. Need a stop.

1:20 Shot-clock violation by the Chargers. Grace with another full timeout.

Elliot misses a 3 from the corner. Offensive rebound Duke. Karl drives in but has his shot partially blocked. Lancers foul with 49.8 sec left. Timeout Chargers.

Lancers force a steal with 19.5 left! TIMEOUT Chargers.

Greg’s 3 partially blocked. Lancer ball with 9 sec left.

Elliot’s 3 off the mark. Karl fades in the corner as time expires, also no good. Chargers hang on by 3. Still hasn’t sunk in.


Halftime Thoughts

Briar Cliff came to play, no question about it. They’ve had Grace on their heels since the 15 min mark. Defensively, the Lancers have limited Shipley to just 4 points, but Eric Rohe has 8 1st half points on 3-4 shooting including 2-2 from 3pt land. Ben Stizmann also has 8pts on 3-5 from the field, 2-2 from 3.

Duke, Bruce, and Dennis have 8 each, accounting for all but 2 of Grace’s points. Greg Miller has the other bucket.

2nd half keys: Settle down. (As I type with my heart pounding at about 120 bpm). But seriously. Grace needs to just relax and play their game on the offensive end while maintaining the same defensive intensity. Second half is 30 seconds from starting.


8:30 CT:

Just seven minutes away from tipoff in Branson, MO. The Lancers look very loose and supremely confident.

8:40 CT:

Starting lineups announced

Briar Cliff Starters

G Taylor Burin

G Eric Rohe

G Jake Shipley

G Ben Stitzmin

9:44 CT:

Tipoff. Just kidding. Out of bounds. Re-tip.

Briar Cliff lob pass off backboard. Early TO.

Greg Miller misses his first 2 shot attempts in possession #1. Lots of contact but no call. Officials want to keep the game moving as we’re already about 45 minutes behind schedule.

First big crowd moment comes at the 18:33 mark as Duke gets a huge block.

17:30 mark: Lancers finally get on the board with a Bruce 3 pointer from the right wing. 3-0 Grace.

16:40 Ben Stizmann answers for Briar Cliff. 3-3.

16:04 Karl Checks in for Peattie, Dennis checks in for Greg.

Still seems to be a lid on the basket as both teams miss outside shots.

Eric Rohe finally hits at the 15 min. mark. 6-3 Chargers.

Dennis with a strong move for 2. 6-5.

Rohe again, this time in the paint. 8-5.

12-7 with 11:20 to go. Dennis with some nice points in the post early.

Dayton checks in at 10:56 for Karl following a rare but necessary “carrying” call from the official. Duke’s back in for Dennis as well.


Strong take by Duke for his first bucket.

Engler and Grimm trade buckets. 14-11.

8:49 left in the 1st: Peattie picks up his first foul. Shipley knocks down 2 free throws.

8:21 – Duke fouled, makes 1-2. 16-12.

Eric Rohe 3pt basket. 19-12 Briar Cliff

7:40 – Duke answers for 2.

7:20 Nice dish from Shipley to Collison for an easy 2

6:40 – Briar Cliff 3

6:15 – Duke with the traditional 3pt play. 24-17 Chargers.

5:17 – Dennis juggles the pass, somehow finds it again. Circus. 2 points anyway. 24-19.

4:55 Another 3 for Briar Cliff. They’re shooting well early. 27-19

4:25 Bruce fouled on a 17 footer. Makes it. And 1. Bruce has to wait an eternity to shoot the free throw. Makes it anyway. 27-21.

4:08 Shipley with a nifty turnround J.

3:53 Dennis answers again in the post

3:31 Lancers rebound. T.O. Grace. 30 sec timeout.

3:00 Greg from Bruce. 29-26.

2:30 Collison dunk.

2:00 Another three by Stitzmann. 34-26.

48.8 Offensive foul on Shipley.

Halftime: Score remains 34-26 Chargers.

The LAB — Live from Branson

Click here to follow the Grace men’s basketball team on their quest for an NAIA national championship in Branson, Mo. Grace’s sports information department will provide stories, analysis, photos, blog posts, video interviews and highlights from the NAIA Division II men’s basketball tournament continually throughout the week.

Sunday, March 4
Monday, March 5
Tuesday, March 6
Wednesday, March 7


A Day of Basketball for the Lancers — 3/7/12

Lancers began the day the same as usual with a morning practice. They started at 9 a.m. and went hard for an hour. On the agenda was to prepare for Briar Cliff. They discussed all aspects of how to play against their first round opponent. After practice the team headed to lunch.

The lunch today was Fuddruckers. It is a scrumptious burger place in Branson. The team enjoyed the lunch then headed to College of the Ozarks to enjoy a day of basketball. They spent most of the afternoon there watching Indiana Wesleyan University then a couple more games. The game was exciting as IWU lost in overtime.

After a few games and a couple interviews with the players they headed back to the hotel. They went back to get ready for the event of the night, The Parade of Champions. The team joined all 32 teams on the court to represent their schools. It was an amazing seen as all 32 teams spelled out NAIA under the spotlights. Once the event had ended it was the game of the night, not because of how close the game was.

The game was College of Ozarks vs Northwood the number 1 team in the country. The place was packed with nearly every team including Grace. The fans for Ozarks were crazy and loud despite losing by 17. The team left that game at the half to get a good nights rest before Game Day.

Tomorrow Grace plays Briar Cliff at 7:30pm CST. To get up to date scores follow @gclancers on twitter.

By Michael Blevins


Lancers Enjoy a Day of Fun in Branson — 3/6/12

The Lancers had a fun filled third day in Branson. Once again they started the morning with practice at 10 a.m. It was a good hard practice. However, that was just the beginning. The team then went and had lunch at the world-famous McDonald’s. Eating healthy was the theme of the day.

After the Lancers ate they headed out to the Branson Zipline. Unfortunately it was much too windy to participate on the zipline. From there they went and hit up the go-carts, where the Lancers caused a few pile ups. As other teams were racing like normal people the Lancers were too busy wrecking each other.

“I would have to say it was a tie between myself, Greg, and Ben as the worst drivers,” said Jake Peattie. These three had a 3-car pile up a few times in the race. After go-carts the team would go in real cars to the Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede.

At the show the team had whole chickens to eat. “Food was great,” said Elliot Smith. The show was possibly even better as the Lancers put on somewhat of a show too. “Some people from other teams were standing when Dolly came on, but all of Grace was up making a fool of themselves. It was awesome,” said Taylor Long.

After the events at the Stampede the team headed back to the hotel for the night. After interviews Dayton, Tannan, Bruce, Duke, Greg, and Jake the team headed to bed. You can find all these interviews on the blog soon!

Tomorrow the Lancers will have practice at the Branson Intermediate School then enjoy a day of basketball as the tournament tips off.

By Michael Blevins


Lancers Finish Journey to Branson — 3/5/12

The Lancers started early this morning by heading from St. Louis to Missouri Baptist University for practice at 10 a.m. The practice lasted two hours and had great intensity. “We’re still tightening up things we do. We’ll start preparing for Briar Cliff tomorrow,” said Jake Peattie.The preparation for the tournament begins tomorrow, but for today the team ate well! They headed to staple of Branson, Lambert’s, the home of the throwed roll. The team ate plenty of food and did not leave hungry. The team would need to get another good night’s sleep to rested as they prepare to take on Briar Cliff on Thursday night.

The team will have practice at 10 a.m. at Recplex in Branson. This will start the process to the Championship. Then they will head to the world-class Dixie Stampede and the Tip-Off Banquet.

By Michael Blevins


Lancers Head to Branson with High Hopes — 3/4/12

It is a different feel for the Lancers as they head out to Branson, Missouri, for the second year in a row. It is not the same attitude as last year. The attitude is more of expecting to win instead of not knowing what to expect. The team started their championship run with a trip to KFC in Effingham Ill.

Prior to getting on the road, the team attended church together then had a meal at alpha before leaving the OCC in three vans at 1:30pm. The drivers for the trip are Aaron Minglin, Coach K, and Coach Yeh. The first travel day includes the seven hour trip to St. Louis to stay in view of the Gateway Arch.

First off on the trip was the famous KFC buffet. As Ben Euler put it, “How could we not stop at the KFC buffet? It must be done.” It has turned into one of the traditions for the Lancers on their way to Branson. After the trip to KFC the team headed on to their hotel right next to the Arch of St. Louis.

The view was amazing but the team would need to get to bed early as early as possible for a morning practice at Missouri Baptist University, a different place than they have practiced in previous years. After practice the team will head the rest of the way to Branson and begin the quest for an NAIA Championship.

By Michael Blevins


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