by gclancers

8:30 CT:

Just seven minutes away from tipoff in Branson, MO. The Lancers look very loose and supremely confident.

8:40 CT:

Starting lineups announced

Briar Cliff Starters

G Taylor Burin

G Eric Rohe

G Jake Shipley

G Ben Stitzmin

9:44 CT:

Tipoff. Just kidding. Out of bounds. Re-tip.

Briar Cliff lob pass off backboard. Early TO.

Greg Miller misses his first 2 shot attempts in possession #1. Lots of contact but no call. Officials want to keep the game moving as we’re already about 45 minutes behind schedule.

First big crowd moment comes at the 18:33 mark as Duke gets a huge block.

17:30 mark: Lancers finally get on the board with a Bruce 3 pointer from the right wing. 3-0 Grace.

16:40 Ben Stizmann answers for Briar Cliff. 3-3.

16:04 Karl Checks in for Peattie, Dennis checks in for Greg.

Still seems to be a lid on the basket as both teams miss outside shots.

Eric Rohe finally hits at the 15 min. mark. 6-3 Chargers.

Dennis with a strong move for 2. 6-5.

Rohe again, this time in the paint. 8-5.

12-7 with 11:20 to go. Dennis with some nice points in the post early.

Dayton checks in at 10:56 for Karl following a rare but necessary “carrying” call from the official. Duke’s back in for Dennis as well.


Strong take by Duke for his first bucket.

Engler and Grimm trade buckets. 14-11.

8:49 left in the 1st: Peattie picks up his first foul. Shipley knocks down 2 free throws.

8:21 – Duke fouled, makes 1-2. 16-12.

Eric Rohe 3pt basket. 19-12 Briar Cliff

7:40 – Duke answers for 2.

7:20 Nice dish from Shipley to Collison for an easy 2

6:40 – Briar Cliff 3

6:15 – Duke with the traditional 3pt play. 24-17 Chargers.

5:17 – Dennis juggles the pass, somehow finds it again. Circus. 2 points anyway. 24-19.

4:55 Another 3 for Briar Cliff. They’re shooting well early. 27-19

4:25 Bruce fouled on a 17 footer. Makes it. And 1. Bruce has to wait an eternity to shoot the free throw. Makes it anyway. 27-21.

4:08 Shipley with a nifty turnround J.

3:53 Dennis answers again in the post

3:31 Lancers rebound. T.O. Grace. 30 sec timeout.

3:00 Greg from Bruce. 29-26.

2:30 Collison dunk.

2:00 Another three by Stitzmann. 34-26.

48.8 Offensive foul on Shipley.

Halftime: Score remains 34-26 Chargers.