Second Half

by gclancers

Grace leads things off with an early turnover, but forces one right back. No harm done.

18:45 Rohe called for another foul in the post on Duke. No points though as Peattie misses a 3 from the right wing.

18:20 Sitzmann now with 10 points. 36-25 Chargers.

18:00 Foul on Sitzmann.

17:53 Foul on Collison. His 2nd.

17:40. Sitzmann again in transition.

17:23 Duke for 2. Have to get him the ball more.

17:04 Elliot called for the foul. Wanted the travel. So did I. Shipley to the line, makes both. 40-28 Chargers. Karl checks in.

16:48 HUGE tip-in by Karl. 40-30.

16:20 Greg whistled for the foul. T.O. Lancers. Dayton checks in for Greg.

16:00 Pretty bank shot by Karl

15:50 Step-back 3 by Shipley misses everything.

15:39 Duke. And 1. Free throw is good, cuts the lead to 6.

15:27 Timeout Chargers. Momentum starting to shift.

14:47 ELLIOT FOR 3! 41-38.

13:37 Duke shoved to the floor. No call. Gotta keep the games moving I guess.

13:15 Karl steal leads to a Bruce Grimm layup in transition. Bench is fired up. Fans are fired up. Pretty sure my computer is even fired up. Lancers trail by 1.

13:09 Timeout Chargers.

12:40 Pretty pass to Enger for a layup.

12:18 Duke is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ from 15 feet. 43-42.

11:52 Collison for 2.

11:27 Karl with another huge floater in the lane. 45-44

11:02 Otting cleans up for 2 after Duke and Rohe hit the floor hard.

9:50 Lancers with a few huge hustle plays/offensive boards to keep the possession alive. Greg finally gets one to go and draws the foul. Free throw is good. Tie game. 47-47. Noisy in here.

9:30 Shipley draws foul. Makes 2-2. Duke back in for Dennis.

9:00 Karl called for goaltending trying to block Rohe’s shot in transition. Full timeout called by Coach K. 51-47 Chargers.

8:32 Karl Columbus 15 footer cuts it back to 2.

7:00 Rohe drives in for 2.

6:40 Briar Cliff dives on the floor for the rebound, forced to call T.O. 53-49 Chargers.

6:22 Engler for 2

5:40 Karl from Duke. 55-51

4:42 Offensive putback by Greg Miller. 55-53.

3:50 Sitzmann for 2 off the inbounds pass.

3:05 Sitzmann again for 2. Lancers call timout. 59-53 Chargers with 3 minutes to go.

1:55 Elliot for 3. 59-56. Need a stop.

1:20 Shot-clock violation by the Chargers. Grace with another full timeout.

Elliot misses a 3 from the corner. Offensive rebound Duke. Karl drives in but has his shot partially blocked. Lancers foul with 49.8 sec left. Timeout Chargers.

Lancers force a steal with 19.5 left! TIMEOUT Chargers.

Greg’s 3 partially blocked. Lancer ball with 9 sec left.

Elliot’s 3 off the mark. Karl fades in the corner as time expires, also no good. Chargers hang on by 3. Still hasn’t sunk in.